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About NEAA

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The National Eagles and Angels Association (NEAA) is led and managed by a team of professionals skilled in working with small cap and microcap companies and investors.

George R.  Jarkesy Jr., Chairman

A money manager and successful professional investor, respected financial and corporate advisor. George has founded, invested in and helped to build companies engaged in a broad range of industry sectors, including financial consulting, media, real estate investing, real estate management, employee leasing, light steel manufacturing, livestock management, technology, natural resources, healthcare and biotechnology. George is currently focused on Managing his and his partners many investments and he is a frequent market commentator and guest on FOX Business News, FOX & Friends and CNBC. He is also the host of the nationally syndicated “George Jarkesy” radio show.

George started his career in the financial services industry with a New York Stock Exchange member.  Over the past two decades, Individually and through one of his companies, he has been a successful strategic investor in many entrepreneurial growth companies and has originated and/or participated in several hundred investments over the past 20 years, including both debt and equity in private, pre-public and public companies.


George also serves on the Finance Committee of the Republican National Committee and is an active member of the National Investment Banking Association, The Jarkesy Foundation, and Chairman of The National Eagles and Angels Association.

Rita Karpel, Director of Marketing and Sales


Our Creed

The National Eagles and Angels Association (NEAA) is an organization of individual investors formed around certain common core values.  Chief among these values are a belief in liberty and happiness for all who dwell in the free enterprise system.

We attest that making money honestly, paying one’s rightful taxes, working hard and playing by the rules distinguishes us as a moral force for the good.  This good nurtures job creation and economic growth of our cities, reinforces our common national purpose, promotes ethical business practices, and offers the opportunity to reward like-thinkers with abiding wealth and prosperity.

As an organization, our members deeply value the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship that has lifted our nation to the heights of economic world leadership in the 21st century. Members seek to invest in businesses that boast solid and passionate entrepreneurial leadership and offer a high potential return on capital.  We value the collective logic and mind of the market, not the whim of subsidies and bailouts. Our organization believes that the freedom of men and women to invest their money as they wish, and to allow their capital to grow through the dynamics of the market, is both a moral right and a responsibility.

Members also believe in the necessity for fundamental diligence in obtaining knowledge through pursuits in the workplace, the boardroom and the classroom.  Members seek to discover the best emerging companies in America, many of which may be undervalued and/or underfunded.

Our members actively seek out these future American success stories, not only to reap rewards from their research and diligence to do so, but also for the opportunity to reward the risk-takers and entrepreneurs who have made the necessary commitment it requires to build true, enduring companies –which for more than two centuries have served to fuel innovation and promote the just ideals and practices of capitalism, the backbone of the American economy.

Eagles and Angels’ Motto is: “when you do good, you will do well”.  We laud those among us who engage their God-given talents to serve others; no matter what creed one may follow, for the “Golden Rule” is and will remain universal.

For any questions, please feel free to contact

Rita Karpel, Director of Marketing and Sales

Rita@jarkesy.com or (888) 465-NEAA (6322)


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